Corona Schutzmaßnahmen

Corona protective measures: Learning during a pandemic


Learning in the Corona-Time | School statements

November 20, 2020

Corona protective measures for the best possible learning conditions

The great commitment of the school community ensures safe everyday learning in extraordinary times

We too have had positive corona tests repeatedly in the past few weeks. Fortunately, all infections have so far been mild for both teachers and students. We have learned that positive corona testing will be part of our reality for the next few weeks and months. It is therefore important that we take precautionary measures in these cases, keep the number of direct contacts as low as possible and adhere to the wearing of masks, sufficient distance and regular hand hygiene. So far we have managed to ensure that members of our school community who tested positive have not infected anyone else in our school. It seems to be paying off that we stuck to the mask-wearing duty in secondary school classes between the summer and autumn holidays.

This is a positive result that encourages us to continue unabated and enforce our measures to protect the school community. In order to make our decisions on a broad basis, we meet regularly with representatives of the student body, parents and teachers in a Corona Response Committee to analyze the situation and adapt our regulations in light of the applicable hygiene measures. We are glad that we have a great consensus in our school community about our action plans which are also available on our website.

Although individual students have to study from home at times due to quarantine, although learning can, may or must be done from home in a rotating system in those learning groups where we cannot continuously guarantee the minimum distances between learners,, although there are many ways for our students to withdraw from every day teaching the message of the children and adolescents at our school is clear: They prefer teaching in school over virtual learning processes. We are therefore grateful that our teachers face the challenges on-site and in the virtual world equally every day without exception so that we will be able to offer lessons in our rooms as long as the state government allows the schools to open and there are students standing at our gate in the morning to attend their daily classes.

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Mr Jan Hülsmann