We know that changing schools, relocating and starting a new assignment are all big challenges. We are here to help you through this process. No question is too small, so please don’t hesitate to contact us about any aspect of our school or our admissions procedure. We always try to answer every inquiry promptly.


Information for First Graders

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Our Admissions Team is available for individual appointments, to give you a tour of our campus and to explore the possibility of enrollment. Contact us to arrange an appointment:

We are happy to invite any child interested in joining our school to a trial day, when he/she can visit lessons and meet some of our teachers and students. The trial day, which ends with a personal meeting with School Leadership, allows your child to get a real feeling for our school community.

Our Admissions Team looks forward to answering your questions and showing you our school.

Admissions Team

Julia Laufhütte & Petra Tenzer

Five Steps to Apply

1. Submit application form and report cards
  • Application form 
  • Previous school records
    • Grade 1: kindergarten report
    • Grades 2-4: primary end-of-year report cards
    • Grades 5+: secondary end-of-year report cards

There are no placement assessments at Cologne International School, however we strongly encourage applicants to participate in a trial day. Not only does this give you first-hand experience of our school, but it also allows our teaching staff to gain a better idea of your child as a unique learner.


Please request the online registration form from our Admissions Team.

  • Birth Certificate (copy with Latin letters)
  • Vaccination records for inspection (copy with Latin letters)
  • School entrance examination certificate (for 1st graders)
  • 1 Passport photo
  • Visa status (for non-EU citizens)

Once all application elements have been provided, these will be reviewed by the School Leadership Team. Parents/guardians will be notified of admission via an acceptance letter.

We would like to draw your attention to the Association Deutscher Internationaler Friedensschulen e.V. (DIF). Through funding, the DIF supports and enables COLOGNE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s pedagogical work and future development. We welcome the active financial support for our school. Click here for detailed information about the DIF.

Additional costs

Do you have any questions?

Neue Sandkaul 29, D-50859 Cologne

+49 221 31 06 34-0

+49 221 31 06 34-10

Age Requirements & Grade Placement

While we certainly look at students’ previous education for enrollment in grades 2 and above, we find it quite important to place children in classes with their peers, according to the age guidelines given below. In addition, we consider factors such as the previous national school system, school calendar, maturity and language skills of the student. 

We generally will not enroll a student who will be older than 19 (20 for the Gymnasium) at the time of his/her graduation.

Bilingual Primary School

Grade Age by September 30 Academic Program
1 Grade 6 years old Primary School (PYP)
2 Grade 7 years old Primary School (PYP)
3 Grade 8 years old Primary School (PYP)
4 Grade 9 years old Primary School (PYP)

Grade 1 enrollment

Early enrollment (Kannkind)

Children who do not turn six on/before September 30 of the respective year can still be considered for first grade enrollment if the family strongly feels that their child is ready to begin school. In this case, the school makes the decision together with the child’s parents after receiving the results of the school entrance examination test (Schuleingangsuntersuchung) if the child is mature enough to enter first grade.

School entrance examination (Schuleingangsuntersuchung)

The School Entrance Examination is required by German law for all incoming first grade pupils before the start of the school year. Doctors of the city health department examine children’s vision, speech, hearing and motor skills. Families also submit documentation of the child’s previous health records.

The examination takes place once a year at our school, generally in late spring. Alternatively, families can arrange a private appointment directly with the public health department at their office (Gesundheitsamt Köln-Neumarkt).

After the examination, a recommendation is made about the child’s enrollment in 1st grade. The ultimate decision regarding enrollment is left to the parents and the School Leadership Team.

International Secondary School

Grade Age by September 30 Academic Program
5 Grade 10 years old Lower Secondary (PYP)
6 Grade 11 years old Lower Secondary (Secondary I Cambridge)
7 Grade 12 years old Lower Secondary (Secondary I Cambridge)
8 Grade 13 years old Lower Secondary (Secondary I Cambridge)
9 Grade 14 years old Middle Secondary (IGCSE)
10 Grade 15 years old Middle Secondary (IGCSE)
11 Grade 16 years old Upper Secondary (IB Diploma Program)
12 Grade 17 years old Upper Secondary (IB Diploma Program)

Gymnasium bilingual +

Grade Age by September 30 Academic Program
5 Grade 10 years old Lower Secondary (Erprobungsstufe)
6 Grade 11 years old Lower Secondary (Erprobungsstufe)
7 Grade 12 years old Middle Secondary (Mittelstufe)
8 Grade 13 years old Middle Secondary (Mittelstufe)
9 Grade 14 years old Middle Secondary (Mittelstufe)
10 Grade 15 years old Middle Secondary (Mittelstufe)
11 Grade 16 years old Upper Secondary (Oberstufe)
12 Grade 17 years old Upper Secondary (Oberstufe)
13 Grade 18 years old Upper Secondary (Oberstufe)

Information for First Graders

Welcome to Cologne International School

We are so excited to welcome our incoming class of first graders to our bilingual primary school. You are going to have so much fun learning, inquiring and exploring over the next four years. We feel privileged to be able to accompany you on this special journey and look forward to seeing how you grow and develop throughout this time.

Here is some important information for the weeks and months ahead, as we prepare for the beginning of the school year in these extraordinary circumstances.

First day of school

“Einschulung” –  a great milestone in the lives of your children, which they have been feverishly anticipating for months. We would like to leave no stone unturned in making this day as beautiful and festive as possible for you and your children. Unfortunately, the ban on large events and festivities also affects the first day of school for first graders. Below you will find all necessary information on additional precautions.

1. Celebration & guests

Due to the corona protection regulations, we are unable to invite our entire first grade class to the “Einschulung” celebration, but will instead have separate celebrations for each class. This format makes it possible for every first grader to bring along up to 5 people, in addition to any siblings under the age of 3, who can sit on their parents’ lap.

2. “Einschulung” schedule

When: Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Where: In the atrium of the school yard at Cologne International School / Internationale Friedensschule Köln.

Each celebration may only last one hour, to ensure that each class receives the full time allotted to them. We therefore request that you arrive and leave punctually for your event.

Class 1/2A 8:30am - 9:30am
Class 1/2B 9:45am - 10:45am
Class 1/2C 11:00am - 12:00pm
Class 1/2D 12:15pm - 1:15pm

* All students are invited to bring their Schultute with them.

3. Agenda

  • Joint welcome 
  • Children meet their homeroom teachers and visit their new classrooms (30 minutes)
  • Information for new parents about the first few weeks of school, led by the Primary Leadership Team

4. COVID-19 regulations

  • Since the event will most likely have to take place outside, even in warm weather or with light showers, it is advisable to bring sun/rain protection.
  • We kindly ask everyone from the age of 6 years and up to wear a face mask on the day, and to keep a distance of 1.5m from people from other households. We also ask for your understanding that we must record the contact details of all people on site to ensure traceability in the event of an infection.

5. First days of school timetable

Dear parents, please note: the children will be picked up by their homeroom teachers in the morning and by their parents in the afternoon at the main entrance. 

* Depending on the corona protection regulations, the clubs and language support classes will most likely not start until 17th August, 2020 at the earliest.

DATE Start End
Wednesday, 12.08.2020 7:50 15:15
Thursday, 13.08.2020 7:50 15:15
Friday, 14.08.2020 7:50 14:30

Do you have any questions?

Please contact our Primary Leadership Team

Neue Sandkaul 29, D-50859 Cologne

+49 221 31 06 34-0

+49 221 31 06 34-10

School entrance examination

Due to the extraordinarily high utilization of our local public health departments due to COVID-19, the school entrance examinations dates scheduled to take place after March, 2020 have been cancelled. Please be assured that this will have no effect on our ability to accept and enroll first graders for the 2020/21 school year.

Parent handbook

We would also like to draw your attention to our Parent Handbook, in which you will also find our supply lists for the start of school. Please take the time to read through our complete Parent Handbook. This way you can ensure to start your first day of school well-informed.

The Admissions Office is available during the summer break, should you have any questions.