The corona protection measures are no longer in force. Wearing masks is no longer mandatory, but anyone who feels safer wearing them is welcome to do so.


Expiry of the Corona regulations on January 31, 2023

The corona regulations of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs that are relevant to the school sector, the Corona Test and Quarantine Regulation and the Corona Protection Regulation, will be abolished from February 1, 2023. The Corona Protection Regulation (CoronaSchVO) will only be continued with a few regulations, but there are no longer any special regulations for schools. There is no longer a legal basis for event-related testing at school. The Corona Test and Quarantine Regulation (CoronaTestQuarantäneVO) will not be continued. The previous 5-day isolation is no longer applicable. Instead, a recommendation to wear a mask is made. Basically, anyone who is sick and has symptoms should stay at home as before.

Discontinuation of tests/order portal

Since the regulations for event-related testing in schools and the obligation to isolate are no longer applicable, there is no obligation for (self-) tests in case of symptoms of illness. Instead, we increasingly rely on personal responsibility and voluntariness. Those who want to check their own infection status can still use school tests. However, the monthly issue of five tests per person will be reduced from January 31, 2023. Schools can continue to order reduced quantities of rapid tests through Friday, February 10, 2023. From this date the order portal will be closed. Existing rapid tests can still be issued on request.

Wearing masks in school

A mask can still be worn voluntarily in schools for self-protection or to protect others. Nobody is discriminated against for wearing a protective mask. Teachers and students (and their parents) may decide themselves whether they want to wear a mask or not. However, people who test positive and do not stay home sick are strongly recommended to wear a medical mask indoors for five days when being outside their own home. This recommendation does not apply to children under the age of six and to people who cannot wear a mask for medical or similar important reasons.

Hygiene regulations

The general hygiene rules apply in the schools (Infektionsschutz | Bildungsportal NRW ( The proven cough and sneeze etiquette, regular hand washing and disinfection as well as the current instructions for ventilation are part of normal everyday school life.

School lessons

School education has a high value and everything has to be done to ensure that in-person lessons can take place. If it is not possible to hold classes in person due to an epidemic, distance classes can be considered exceptionally. However, this should only be considered as a last resort if no other solution can be found, even through substitute teaching. More information about distance learning in the education portal at:

In case of illness

It may happen that students have to miss their classes due to illness. In this case, the child should please stay at home. Parents can excuse their children as usual. The school can only request a medical certificate from the parents if there are justified doubts as to whether classes are being missed for health reasons. To minimize health risks in schools, all established hygiene measures should be followed. Responsible behavior of all those involved is therefore of great importance. We will follow developments closely so that we can respond appropriately should the situation change.

Please check this page regularly for the latest information on our learning programs and school activities.

Please feel free to contact our School Leadership Team with any questions you may have.

Bilingual Primary School

– Primary students are to use the main entrance (at the sports hall) for arrival and pick-up:
Grade 1/2 arrival is at 7:45-7:50am; pick-up Mon, Wed and Thu at 3:20pm, Tue and Fr at 2:35pm
Grade 3-5 arrival is 7:55-8:00am; pick-up Mon, Wed and Thu at 3:30pm, Tue and Fr at 2:45pm
– We are once again offering Spanish lessons and Games after school until 4:15pm; all students must register to join these programs.
– If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Primary School Leadership Team:

Bilingual Secondary School

– All Secondary School students are to use the main entrance for arrival and pick-up:
Arrival: 7:55-8:05am
Pick-up: 2:45/3:30pm
– If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Shaun Roberts, the Bilingual Secondary School Principal:

Food and Materials

– Any student who has not registered to receive school meals must bring all food and drinks needed during the day from home.
– Food, drink and work materials may not be shared between children.

Further Information

– Parents are not allowed on the school grounds – please drop-off and pick-up children at the relevant entrance, adhering to social distancing standards.
– Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our School Leadership Team or Management at any time: