as richtige Instrument und jedes Instrument das richtige Kind

How does every primary student find the right instrument and every instrument find the right child?


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August 31, 2020

In order to play an instrument in the third grade string or wind class of the CIS / IFK primary school, after 2 years of singing (Ward) class, the last three months of the second grade music lessons focus on introducing the following instruments which students choose from. In the string class, these are violin, viola and cello.

In the wind class, the choice is between flute, clarinet, alto saxophone (if it’s still too big: soprano saxophone), cornet and trombone or baritone. An exciting and sometimes difficult decision!

All instruments are played by the teachers or often also by our experienced fourth graders. We also recommend that parents of second graders attend concerts, so the children can consciously experience which sound appeals to their ears most.

This is also the time when the annual primary school concert usually takes place, where the “little ones” experience the “big ones” on their instruments. In addition, the children listen to music in class in which the respective instrument can be heard as a soloist and in conjunction with another instrument.

And most important of all: every second grader can try out any instrument. In this way, every child should find their favorite sound, which they can learn, play with and develop over the next two school years.

Since this process could not take place as usual at the end of the last school year due to the pandemic, we got creative and still managed to bring every child together with ‘their’ instrument.

L. Julien & S. Meissler
Many thanks to Jan Gerwing for his contribution to this blog.