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Die internationale Schule in Köln – Mehrsprachiger Unterricht, kleine Klassengrößen und eine große Auswahl extra-curricularer Aktivitäten: Schule, die auf die Welt von morgen vorbereitet - the international school in Cologne
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About Us

Our Philosophy

What exactly constitutes “good education” today?

This simple initial question is deeply rooted into the foundation of our school.

It is very difficult to predict how the world will change in the next 5 or 10 years. The majority of High school graduates will enter professions that didn’t even exist when they started primary school. Most will not work in just one profession for all of their working life, and the professions will continue to change. Given this, how can we best prepare our children for the situation awaiting them?

Our answer:

The ability to think and act in an interdisciplinary, intercultural and inclusive manner.

From the primary level onwards, our pupils learn to read and write in both German and English, the best prerequisite for achieving native speaker level in these languages as well as for the acquisition of additional languages. We also put great emphasis on teaching in an international context. With over 40 different countries represented at our school, students have the unique and very special opportunity to be able to interact with teachers and peers from different values, cultures and backgrounds, sometimes quite different from their own. Our students train to see the whole problem, to inquire and ask the right question, find answers together and understand connections.

It is important to us that young people are not only endowed with knowledge about a range of cultures, but also with a natural feeling of empathy.

We think it’s important to empower every learner to also be a teacher. As children’s skills and abilities differ so greatly, our intense, collaborative learning atmosphere, inclusive orientation and differentiated teaching are an enrichment for all involved; we facilitate a learning experience for our pupils to address their individual strengths and talents. Positive encouragement of pupils is important in our daily school life as is our comprehensive system for student assessment and support.

Academic excellence is a natural expectation from a private school. This is why we value multiple accreditations of all three school forms, consistent, comprehensive professional development of our teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities. At the same time, we understand that academics alone do not sufficiently allow for the development of the whole child. Music, theatre, art and sport play important roles in our balanced curricular programme, and are integrated into our wide range of extracurricular activities as well. Finally, we teach the importance of social responsibility already at a young age, thus guiding our pupils to develop into intellectual and mature world citizens.

Many of the conflicts which characterise our times are ultimately motivated by cultural, and often religious, intolerance.

It is important to us that young people are not only endowed with knowledge about a range of cultures and religions, but also with a natural feeling of empathy.

Our pupils are instructed within a multicultural, interreligious, multilingual environment in order to acquire the necessary skills which enable them to represent and advocate their own convictions and values while still being able to encounter other views and perspectives with appreciation and openness.

Our Team

Our faculty members are recruited from many different national and cultural backgrounds. What they all have in common is a passion for helping children to learn. We particularly value teachers who actively pursue their own professional development and growth and who are eager to benefit from working collaboratively as part of a team.



Jan Hülsmann

Business Director

Dr Petra Stratmann

Bilingual Primary School Management Team

Sue Meissler, Britta Grothues, Leonie Julien, Sara Thesen

Principal International Secondary School

Shaun Roberts

Principal Gymnasium Bilingual +

Dr Ewald Fernbach (acting)