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Grade 5

IB Primary Years Programme

In Grade 5 students continue the inquiry-based learning of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. In this interdisciplinary approach, subject content – English, Maths, Science and Humanities – are addressed and discovered through an inquiry into one central theme. There are five central themes in the school year, culminating in the exhibition, where students select a topic of interest to them and generate an interactive presentation around it. This exhibition – presented to fellow students and adults alike – enables the students to utilise the key competencies they have learned across the whole Primary Years Programme, such as research, self-management, and communication skills.

Grades 6-8

Cambridge Secondary I

The foundation programme of the Cambridge International Curriculum is a balanced combination of traditional and contemporary subjects and approaches to learning. Teaching is mainly organised by subjects, to ensure that students have specialists to support and challenge them as they grow intellectually. However, we maintain space for cross-curricular teaching as well, enabling students to apply knowledge and skills across a wide range of subjects, building links and connections between the disciplines. At the end of grade 8, students take the externally marked Cambridge Checkpoint tests in Maths, English and Science, giving them detailed assessments of their skills acquisition.

In the classroom

We select teachers from across the globe who have shown passion and dedication to their subject as well as to the education of young people. In the lower grades, learning tends to take place in smaller groups of 10-15 students. Teachers keep a thorough overview of each student’s strengths and needs, in order to differentiate and individualise learning suitably. Support and enrichment opportunities are made available through our extensive individual support system and as an integral part of our extracurricular afternoon programme. Feedback is regularly communicated to both students and parents, so everyone can do their part to support the optimal learning path of each young person.

Above and Beyond

In addition to our academic programme, we develop the whole child through a range of learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom. Our teachers regularly run trips to enhance the students’ understanding of the curriculum, both in Germany and abroad. Our class trips in Grades 5 -7 have a team building focus, while our grade 8 students undertake a challenge to live independently for a week. We also run a Spanish exchange for the lower school.

Our extracurricular programme offers a wide range of stimulating, challenging and fun activities for all of our students, from sports and music, to academic support and study time. We also strive to keep our gifted students challenged, by providing them with them additional programmes, such as debating competitions, the Maths Olympiad and robotics. Lastly, we enjoy promoting and celebrating academics in more non-traditional frameworks, such as National Book Day and Pi Day.