Cologne International School | Bilingual primary school
Die internationale Schule in Köln – Mehrsprachiger Unterricht, kleine Klassengrößen und eine große Auswahl extra-curricularer Aktivitäten: Schule, die auf die Welt von morgen vorbereitet - the international school in Cologne
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Bilingual Primary School

A modern pedagogical concept for tomorrow’s world – because lifelong learning needs a good start.

Our language concept
Bilingual – two teachers, two languages

  • Two-way immersion in German and English
  • Natural language acquisition
  • Oral and written bilingualism from the start
  • Small learning groups (max. 25 students per class with two teachers)
  • Additional support from ESL and GSL experts, if necessary
  • Spanish lessons from grade 1 (optional)

Learning can be fun
Child and learning friendly education

  • The NRW curriculum integrated in the PYP
  • PYP is an internationally renowned teaching concept, focussing on working with and supporting the natural curiosity of children
  • Inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning according to the results of learning research
  • Full mobility for your child: transition to a German public school or to an international school possible at all times

Small learning groups
Individual Support

  • Each child can exploit their potential without being over- or under-challenged
  • Individualisation and differentiation, made possible by an outstanding student-teacher-ratio

  • School-based support team (languages, learning, emotional development)

  • Daily music classes

  • Tai Chi / Kung Fu

Learning takes time
Well looked after, all day long

  • Enough time for learning and extracurricular activities

  • The Homeroom teachers take care of the children all day, including at meals

  • Supervision available from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Holiday club in the spring, summer and winter holidays